A3 The Magi Tower

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AuthorTopic: A3 The Magi Tower
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Several times I have heard reference (On these boards to the destruction of the tower of Magi. Although I have completed the game twice, I have not encountered this.
Could someone please enlighten me to the story behind this?

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It's an event that happens around day 160 or shortly afterwards. In order to trigger it, you have to wait until then. I'll refrain from saying anything more in case you want to see it for yourself.

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It is accelerated by completing the Troglo/Giant quest too.

Still, it only happens if you take a long time. Otherwise, I'm sure some other group of adventurers deals with it.

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lol. That event is a bit dissapointing to say the least...

EDIT: i think you might have to do that quest to finish the game...

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if you want to know the history well this happened:
Linda, the stupid woman that summoned the azde haakai in A1 has returned to the tower and she is experimenting with demons again...so the demons take the tower and destroy everything, they kill a trial mage too.after that you obviously cant return there.I remember when that happened in exile, it says that in your head you feel screams and the feeling that something horrible have happened, in A3 never happened to me.it can be very difficult if you dont have the repel spirit l3 or the ravage spirit in E3
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I just want everyone to know that alot of innocent people died because of one woman's stupidity. I tried to warn everyone, but they wouldn't listen.
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Wow that guy up my topic really likes solberg!
anyway i like Erika more that solberg, but this place is not apropiate for discuss that isn't?
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