Unlock doors lv 3?

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AuthorTopic: Unlock doors lv 3?
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Where can I find unlock doors level 3 in Avernum?
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Hawkes Manse or House on a Hill has it, if IRC.

The faq should tell you the specifics.

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You can get level 3 of Unlock Doors in the following locations:

Avernum 1: Almaria.
Avernum 2: Erika's Tower.
Avernum 3: House on the Hill.

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I don't think Hawke's Manse has Unlock Doors level 3. House on the Hill definitely does, though; my hint book says so and I didn't make any extra notes on it.

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I heard that you're supposed to talk to a statue in Almaria to get the spell, and you need a password from Erika to make the staty give it to me, but how do I make Erika give me the password?
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Talk to Erika about doing her mission to kill Hawthorne.

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