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Does any one know the SDFs and what they need to be set to for the Empire's supply caches? I've already found four of them, and I'm fairly certain that there were only four, yet the Scimitar operatives near Fort Dranlon(sp?) don't recognise that I've found them all.

Summary: If my memory is off, and there are more than four caches, please tell me. If there are only four caches, I would like the SDFs and what they need to be set to for that quest.

EDIT: Damn I feel like an idiot, found the fifth. And to think I used to know Avernum 2 inside out... *sigh*

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For the record, nobody knows the number of any SDFs for any Avernum games.

—Alorael, who looked up the location of all five caches before realizing that between when he read the post and when he pressed reply the post was edited. Oh well.
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Well, Thuryl and Drakefyre have looked through at least parts of Avernum 3's code; they probably came across something that might have been the SDFs. And then you can always set flags and travel throught the entire Avernum world to check if anything's changed.

Then there's Blades of Avernum, which most people would consider an Avernum game...

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If they have seen code, it's news to me. Corroboration?

—Alorael, who can suggest more fruitful ways of using time spent testing SDFs one by one. Like, oh, watching the grass dry or the paint grow mold.
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