angierach in avernum 2

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in avernum 2 i have killed ALL the monsters on did everything but when im in the room with the crystal soul i cant open the the barriers and i have the fenix egg and all the stuff. what happens?

and another thing: how do i enter in pyrog lair?
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you enter pyrogs lair from the north. take a boat (either from the giants or from a small dock in empire controlled lands, i believe) and land on a small shore on the south edge of the north sea. move south through the secret passage. i think you have to talk to the vahnatai council before you can get through.

as for angierach, i dont know what youre doing wrong. the barriers should be down after you use the phoenix egg in the south part of the tower.

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To use the Phoenix's egg, you must have talked about it to Erika (and possibly the mage in Motrax's lair). I don't know if this is the problem in Avernum, but in Exile 2 it was possible to find Phoenix's egg without talking to all the people who were supposed to tell you about it, which would make you unable to use it.

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After getting the phoenix egg, talk to Erika and once she mentions Enla you can leave.
Then, use portal coordinates ENT BEL TOR, and go to the Mage Clearance laboratory and ask Enla about Garzahd.
Go back to Angierach, walk up to the barrier and use ol' Phoenix and get Vyvnas, then get the hell out!!!

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Okay, SoylentGreen, this topic has been dead for a year. There was absolutely no need to revive it, and you should refrain from doing this sort of thing, unless you actually have something to add to the conversation.


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