Some things about Avernum 2 that bug me

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AuthorTopic: Some things about Avernum 2 that bug me
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1. People tell you that no human mage in avernum knows how to make quickfire, but there is quickfire among the traps in the Castle treasury (specifically you have to fight 3 Ur-Basilisks while standing in quickfire, open the chests while standing in it still, then walks a short distance and get past some magic barriers almost impossible to dispel with a crystal, then a locked door which you need unlock doors level 3 to open, all while in the quickfire).

2. The empire has several security checkpoints that only people with certain passes can go by, but there are only a few such passes in existance, all held by commanders of forces far from said checkpoints, so how do all the other raiders go back and forth through these checkpoints without carrying passes?

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1. Maybe someone got a Phoenix Egg.

2. It's possible that not many people actually have to get through those checkpoints — not many people move around much in A2.

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There are many possible explanations. For example:

1. Considering that it doesn't destroy entire castle, it's probably not real quickfire, but some weaker substitute. (A pipe, pouring a steady stream of oil set on fire would work quite nicely.)

2. The large troop formations are always led by commanders with apropriate clearance. As for small raiding parties from local garrisons, the guards know them personally, because they live in the same barracks.

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