Confusion on spells

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AuthorTopic: Confusion on spells
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Playing through the games once more after sitting on the desktop all alone, I have noticed something that is a little strange to me.

It seems that I can kill them easily with a fireblast spell rather than ice lances. Sliths are supposed to respond more to heat than the coldness, so why is it that my firespells are so much more efficent than the icy ones? Has anyone else noticed this?

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Fireblast is just a stronger spell. And if BoA is anything to go on, sliths have a resistance to cold, not to fire, weirdly enough.

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What would be cool is if after Sliths take a set amount of damage from fire, they automatically get haste cast on them. Reverse it for cold: after the amount is reached, they're slowed. I mean, they are cold-blooded, right?

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They don't quite seem completely dependent on external sources of heat. They may be weakly endothermic. This is also mostly irrelevant, except while I can see how cold could send the sliths into their semi-torpid state, extreme heat doesn't seem to make them function more optimally than warmth.

—Alorael, who isn't sure on the mechanics of cold damage. Do you suddenly suck all the heat out of the target, or is it more like hitting them with very cold ice rocks? How fast does the effect wear off, or does that depend entirely on the thermal conductivity of the slith and its surroundings? How appropriate is the application of physics in this case?
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