A3 - Minor cheat/editor request

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AuthorTopic: A3 - Minor cheat/editor request
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I just started a new game, but I was in cautious when creating my new characters :eek: , and I didn't change the overhead character graphic to match what I set the regular graphics to, and I'm very confused trying to keep track of who's who when we move around. The in-game character editor doesn't appear to let me change the graphics. Is this hidden somewhere (other than in the new-character creation screen)?? If not, does someone else have an editor that will let me change this??

BTW, I *am* a registered user of the game...
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Among your abilities, I think there's one to change the character's graphic. Go to the same place as you would use alchemy, but don't click on the alchemy button.

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arent the rename/delete character and change character graphics abilities available everywhere?

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Yes, because you can use the abilities button everywhere. The window that has the delete, rename, and new graphic options can be reached by clicking the button that looks like a hand or by pressing U.

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Oh, my... that simple, eh?? Sorry about that, and thanks for giving me the hint without laughing at me. :cool:

It just didn't occur to me to look for character-editing features under the "Use" command... eep!!
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