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AuthorTopic: key fore the wheel
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Where is teh key that ids needed to move the whell in the lava pits to get to the rpyal seal?

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Do you think you could be a little bit more specific. What lava pits or where if it isn't an exact place and which Avernum you're talking about.

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I think you will need to talk to Patrick in his tower in the Great Cave for that. But I might be mistaken; I haven't played in a while.

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Well, first you have to talk to Erika or someone similar to hear mention of the Royal Seal. Then you have to cure Hawthisa, Patrick's wife, using Graymold Salve. Then you talk to Patrick about Grah-Hoth's old fort and he will tell you to press a button in his desk or look at one of the bookshelves in his office. Find the password in there and then go to the Castle, use the password on the barrier and you will have the key.

I think that's the key you're talking about, anyway...
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