A2: Honeycomb brigands

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AuthorTopic: A2: Honeycomb brigands
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I have just cleared that nest out but was wondering if it was possible to do it any earlier than I actually did.

It seemed to me that you needed dispel barrier (and move mountains) to do it. And to get dispel barrier you needed to kill Limoncelli.

The type of party that can kill Limoncelli is going to seriously outclass the brigands in the honeycomb. At least that is what I found.

Is it possible to either do it without dispel barrier or get dispel barrier earlier?
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My information comes from E2 so there may be a few diffences in the two Madhouses, but probably the differences, aren't big enough to matter much. I myself beat the Madhouse before getting dispel barrier. If they are creating that big of a problem, use dispel barrier crystals.

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I had the same question when I first played some 3 years ago. This is the response I got (from the website on the top of this page):

To get in without a piercing crystal: Go in the right-hand entrance, find the secret passage, go up, just like before. Then just walk north, killing the brigands on the ledges from a distance. After you pass the second group, there's a long hallway to the right. Don't go down it, look for either of two parallel secret passages. (Far Sight will make that easy.) Go down the lower of those (the upper may work as well, don't remember), and there will be an entrance to the main part of the fort. Then kill everything in sight, starting at the north end and working south. Leave to the north as necessary to rest & sell off junk, since it's easy to get back in.

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they can get destroyed with the help of piercing Crystal & far sight.

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