A3:What is the best combination for a mage, archer, priest and a warrior

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AuthorTopic: A3:What is the best combination for a mage, archer, priest and a warrior
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A3: Does anyone know the best combination of weopons and armour for a mage, archer, priest, a sword warrior and a pole warrior, Any one will do
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The best you can find, obviously. Knowing which Avernum you're playing would be helpful.

—Alorael, who will point out that he never gives his mages/priests any skill with melee or pole weapons. Bows, yes, but if your casters are in combat, you're not doing something right.
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Originally written by Sacred Cow:

The best you can find, obviously. Knowing which Avernum you're playing would be helpful.

S/He said A3 twice..

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Well, yes... but, you see... there's absolutely nothing I can say to that. Chalk up one egregious failure to function for me!

The Black Halberd is the best polearm to be found, period. For most of the game, however, I use the Radiant Slith Spear.

There are a number of choices for best sword. My vote goes to the Mithril Blade, mainly because there's not much that beats +1 AP. The Thirsting Blade gives it a run for its money, but you can only get it at the very end of the game, and I've heard that it isn't as effective in versions of A3 later than 1.0.0.

I've never had a pure archer character. I always load archery on one of my fighters. In any case, the clear choice for a projectile weapon is the Fury Crossbow. In fact, because it also gives +1 AP, it's good for any character, even one who never fires a bolt.

As I said, I don't bother much with my casters' combat abilities. They mostly get the weapons that I've replaced for my fighters. That's probably the best you can do unless you find weapons that boost casting abilities.

I give all my characters the heaviest armor I can find. The best is Pachtar's Plate, and there are any number of good but not quite as good substitutes. If your mage has the Natural Mage trait, you can treat it like any other character for armor. If not, there are a number of robes and shirts that don't encumber, but since I always use the trait I never pay much attention to them.

—Alorael, who could add where to find all the lovely items he mentioned. Since this post is already long enough for now, he'll save it for later.
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My Priest is Hssska, whom I recruited in New Cotra, near the start of the game. He has good polearm skills, plus his natural advantage of being a slith, so I gave him the Radiant Slith Spear. Sometimes he runs out of SP and it makes a handy old equaliser!

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i also use to get hsska as early as possible. note however, that though there is a list somewhere that says hsska has natural mage, he doesnt. you will have to make him appear in the 4. slot so that he gets it.
(slot 1 gives elite soldier, slot 4 natural mage, 2 and 3 nothing) if you dont, his very good combat abilities will be quite much wasted.
spellcasters actually dont really need any equipment at all if you play them right, however i suggest you give them as much resistance and speed as possible, less chance being hit isnt bad either.

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for me, I like the black halbeard v. much, & the Mithril blade. Somehow, boots of speed, Icy chain mail & fury crossbow also works great. Alien blade works great against Alien beasts but not much else. I would rather prefer a spidersilk shirt or a radiant robe any day, coz you can cast mage spells wearing them. Also robe of the magi is great for warriors who know mage spells.

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For a melee weapon, I like the Pirate's Blade which you get after fighting shades on an island N of Fort E. It gives you back hit points as you melee and does good damage.

For a pole weapon, I like the spear you get from the Haakai in the temple in the GIFTS lair. It has an extra bonus, I forget exactly what, but it's better than the radiant spear IMO.

While there are definitely better weapons than these in the game, it takes a lot longer to get strong enough to get them, so you can't use those other weapons until much later in the game. The earlier you can get a good weapon with bonuses, the more valuable it is.

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