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AuthorTopic: A1 save game location
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Is there a way to specify the save game location for Avernum 1? I have set up a save directory in my Avernum folder which works great except that every time I start the game it starts looking for saves in the My Documents folder. I don't want to clutter up My Documents with Avernum save games, but it takes several selections to get to the correct folder (on a different drive). Thankfully, after I get to the proper folder, I don't have to do that again until I quit and restart. Still I would like to permanently set the location to find saves. Can that be done through an entry in an .ini or .dat file or some other way?
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Er, the best thing I can think of is to use the menu at the top of that save pop-up to go to the Recent Folders and from there select the folder in which you want to save. Then it's only one click.

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except for a3, on my mac usually the last folder i saved a game in automatically it opened next time i save.

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OK, I probably should have mentioned I am using Win98. It takes me 6 clicks: look in, d drive, games, avernum, saves, and then select the save game I want. Sure, I could change my folder set up to make this easier, but this is the way I save most of my games.

At least Avernum doesn't force them to be saved in a Documents folder or "My Games" folder. And it is good that the game remembers the location during a session. I only have to do this when I start a session. Still, I sure wish you could set the location as a preference option or by editing a .ini file or something similar.
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Do this:

Make a shortcut to your saved games directory

Then paste shortcut in avernum's default save folder

Then when you go to save a game just click the shortcut

get it?

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Thanks Pyro. Not very elegant, but your workaround gets the job done.
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