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AuthorTopic: Dispel Barrier
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Does anyone know where to find(buy) Dispel Barrier at level 1 or 2? I have been trying to find it so I can upgrade to level three from the spellbook but no mages I find sell Dispell Barrier...very frustrating..I hate buying piercing crystals and wasteing money I could be using on magery

:EDIT: Yes, Avernum 3, Sorry

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Avernum 3?

I think you have to complete a few of the Trog quests, talk to the people in Shamirik
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The Mayor of Sharimik gives you access to his library where you can learn dispel barrier at level 2 after you complete a quest for him. (It's a complicated one) I don't think there is anyplace you can learn it at level 1.

You can buy a scroll of dispel barrier from Nan in the port town NE of Fort E.

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you'll have to get the msg from Vothkaro to get access to Shamirik Library where you'll get dispel barrier at level 2. You really cant get the spell at level 1 in the game.

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I killed the mobs out of order...The one Voth wants you to kill, I killed him before I got the quest from the King.

I still got access to the library from the Mayor...not having done the quest to go talk to King V or getting the quest from King V to kill that guy in his basement...
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thats because you have done the last thing you needed to do in that mission.
actually, all that briefing stuff etc is just for the story, you dont actually have to get a mission to complete it.
for example, if you get the crystal from the bandits before you even enter ghikra, you will still get a soul crystal as a reward.
of course, this doesnt work if you have to get access to something from the one who gives you the quest. bla.

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