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AuthorTopic: Reset Char editor
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Okay So Im wandering around in the Character editor, looking at what can be done with the game, and somehow disabled it! bah!

I tried reinstalling the game but to no avail...

How can I re-enable the Character editor???
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Spiderweb says:
You can turn off the character editor permanently. Should you have done this and want your character editor back, this is how to restore it (written backwards for extra secrecy): fI gnisu a hsotnicaM, worht yawa eht "munrevA 3 sferP" elif ni eht secnereferP redlof. fI gnisu swodniW, eteled eht "tad.3munrevA" elif ni eht 3 munrevA ataD redlof. Please note if you have registered the game, this might unregister it. If your game becomes unregistered, contact us for a new key by calling 206.789.4438 or emailing There is no charge for this but please include the name you registered under, which game you need a new key for and your current registration code (located in the lower right hand corner of the title screen).
—Alorael, who has actually avoided saying anything of his own in this entire post (if the attribution of the quote doesn't count).
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R-ing-TFM is nice. Or, in this case, S-ing-TFW.
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