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AuthorTopic: Boats
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Are there any boats we can use to explore AV3 like we could AV2? Thanks!!!
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Yes there are boats all over the place
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There are a few boats. You can buy one in New Cotra to explore Upper Avernum, and there are some more in various places on the surface, I believe. You never get a boat outside on the surface, though. All of them are for use in the place you find them only.

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Yeh, like Alooloolol said, most boats on the surface are found in places like the slime pit(to get to one of the slime pools).

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I think the reason they put no boats is because you could travel through the whole game by water, since all the areas are connected. Not like avernum 1 or 2, where there were little joints of lakes and all, and then it stopped. But hey, theres always horses.

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