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I'm probably posting things too much cause I have nothing better to do, but I need to ask another question about Avernum 2. I have at least lvl 2 of all spells, I've bought 5 levels of gymnastics, vahnati lore, magery, and barter for all my characters who need it, and Silverlocke has sold out of knowledge brews... Is there anything else I can spend all my money on, aside from maybe pathfinder or anatomy? Thanks for all the previous advice and any given in the future, people.

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Well, if you're really rich, you can try to buy out Silverlocke's entire inventory so that she'll restock (giving you a new load of Knowledge Brews to pour cash into).

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Magery. Drake. North Waters. Hidden Entrance...

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EDIT: You already said magery, so there's only one thing left to do in the entire game then. Find the 3 stores that have a stick for sale. Gather all three sticks (each stick cost 5000) and then bring them to Rhentar-Ihrno. Rhentar will in turn give you a wand for the three sticks, this in turn.......... Alright I ran out, no theres just about nothing left...

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