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I just recently noticed that my repuation points have fallen from about 60+ to 52. How did it happen? Any ideas?
One idea I had was that when I was fighting the rakshasi, I kept on using Control Foes on them and then I would move in and kill them. But whenever I knocked them off, a popup message came up and warned methat I was about to attack someone who wasn't hostile. Would I have lost repuation points for killing non-hostiles?
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Killing friendlies will make you lose points, but with 52 that doesn't really matter, unless your trying to get all the NPC that can join you.

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Yes, stupidly enough, attacking monsters that are currently "friendly" due to a Control Foes spell will lower your reputation, which is just a huge pet peeve of mine.

Think about it. You're in the depths of some dungeon, and you attack a monster that is currently helping you for a few moments but will try to slaughter you the moment the spell wears off, and somehow word of this ATROCIOUS deed makes it's way out of said dungeon and ALL OVER AVERNUM, thus lowering your reputation. Sure.

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