the ending.

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AuthorTopic: the ending.
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i reached the vahanati control panel in the tower.

how to activate it?
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I am a fool and cannot read a forum header. Disregard this post.

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Are you sure he's not talking about Rentar-Ihrno's Fortress? If you are, you have to do some stuff in the several parts of the basement of the tower.

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First, go down to the 4 beam control areas and activate each panel once so that 4 beams fire into the center. Once thats done, you can use the control panel, press Load the Slime Components, then press Refocus beam, and finally hit begin process to win the game.

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For me I did the ending the HARD way, accepted erikas gift, got near the panel so many times he could not move me back, realised I had to do some things in basement, nearly crushed my com, got to sleep, after 4 months tried again, got away from Rentar and moved to basement, did alll stuff necessary, did all stuff not necessary, walked back to Rentar, was amazed because NOW Erika appeared, walked to the pedestal trying to kill monsters to help Erika(Wich was pretty stupid, there was 20 demons in both sides and whole place was full, my com nearly freezed.)(BTW, its fun in some bridge battles to do nothing but cast some monsters until whole bridge is full;))At last got to pedestal, saved, pressed all buttons(im non english) and won.
THATS the hard way.

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