poor skill set?

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AuthorTopic: poor skill set?
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Well, this is beyond tedious!
I'm working through the demo of Geneforge 2 as an Agent. (I've played the full version of Geneforge 3 and have already played 2 as a shaper, so I'm familiar with the game).

I'm basically puttering around, trying to decide if I want to buy the full version.
At this point I'm wondering if my Agent is unbalanced, or if this game is.

Most creations are rather easy to destroy, requiring only one or two hits with something.
However, the crystal caves are just about impossible for this character. Even fully spelled up and armed with every kind of wand and weapon available, the agent ends up standing there, slowed to the point of not even getting at speed spores, until beaten to death by those ghosts.
Seems a little pointless. The same goes for the last ghosts in the Stinking Marsh.

Question: is my agent simply too wimpy? Can the demo not be played fully? Or is this apparent unbalance an indication of how the rest of the game plays?
Geneforge 3 seemed to have a much stabler balance of increasing skill level vs increasing difficulty.

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You don't have to fight the shades in Crystal Caverns. Don't take the crystals if you can't handle them.

The ones in Stinking Marsh are just plain hard. If you're having trouble, avoid the area for now and come back later. Once you're powerful enough to take them on, you really shouldn't be letting them survive long enough to attack you -- if you're an Agent and you're getting hit, you're losing the fight. That's just how Agents play. If you don't like that style of play, play a Guardian and abuse the Parry skill, or play a Shaper and wall yourself in with creations.

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if you're playing an agent buying parry should be one of your main priorities early on anyway, if you don't have enough to deflect the shades most of the time (with a guardian it should be all the time) but only after the rest of the demo is finished.
But as Thuryl said, killing the shades isn't vital, though it gets you enough crystals that you can bankrupt most of the shopkeepers. All you need there is a lot of leadership to get the perfect crystal from Wyx at the end. Although even that isn't really necessary as you can't get the rogue drayk tendon in the demo and getting the purified essence is extremely difficult bordering on impossible.

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