Help to get into Inner Gazak-Uss

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AuthorTopic: Help to get into Inner Gazak-Uss
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Someone please please help out with this one - I've combed through the remains of nearly all Benerri-Uss areas but only found two of the broken crystal pieces that's supposed to get me into Inner Gazak-Uss. The only places I didn't look were the center of the power core, and the areas beyond the redhot stone beds. Is that where the third crystal piece is or do I have to look somewhere else?

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The three crystal pieces are in Benerii-Uss Holding, Shaping, and the Geneforge. I'm not sure exactly where within those areas, but definitely there.

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If you are still having trouble, you can try walkthroughs from Shrodinger's faq: Just search for the words "Broken Crystal Pieces" and it will take you to the right parts of the text.

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Never mind, never mind. I just said that you misspelled "Schrodinger", that's all.

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How many shapers are there?
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Thanks everyone. I found the third one. Apparently I missed out on the one in Geneforge.

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