Mines in Medab

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AuthorTopic: Mines in Medab
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I am trying to get into one of the rooms behind the learned pinner and I can't figure out how to get rid of those mines! They're driving me nuts! HELP!!! Thanks.
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If I remember correctly, this is one of the places where you have to disarm the mines in combat mode:

1. Go into combat mode and open the door.
2. Use a speed pod standing near the wall, so that you can's see the mines.
3. Run in, disable one of the mines, and run out in the same turn, hiding in the safe spot again.
4. If the other mine hasn't gone off, repeat step 3.

PS Here is a map of what I mean by a "safe spot":
m m

m = mine
d = door
p = player in a safe spot

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I couldnt tell you i havent even botherd to try to get the tools and skills needed to open the dang door. lol [*]LIVING TOOLS [*]MICHANICKS

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Or you could do what I did, i. e: get high health and resistance to- was it poison that the mines released? Well high resistance in the resistance for the mines, run in and disable one, and all the others exploded too.

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what i did was, open the door, run close enough to trigger them, then run back and to the side before they blow.

{this took several tries, i had to save the game}

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