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AuthorTopic: Question about creations
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I've completed the demo-version of Geneforge 2. It has been a lot of fun so far and I think I'm going to buy the full version. However I've got a question about the creatures which you can create.

Is it better to keep the creatures alive throughout the whole game (because they're collecting XPs)? My creatures died a lot and I created new ones. I realized very late in the demo version that my creatures can actually collect XPs and gain levels. Should I keep them or can I create new creatures (stronger ones) in the middle of the game (e.g. I bought the clawbug when I completed almost all areas)?

Thanks in advance for answering my questions!
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The higher your level, your shaping level, and your level in creating the specific creation are, the stronger the creature will be. The creature will be stronger if you create new one every once in a while.

Look at the stats of creations you've had for a while, and save the game. Than absorb them and make new ones, and than look up their stats. The creations made with greater skill will be born at a higher level.

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There are two schools of thought on this one. Some people swear by keeping creations with you for a long time, pointing out that a highly experienced basic creation can be as effective as one that costs much more essence. Others, including me, find it too much trouble to nurse along weak creations until they actually become decent, and so we upgrade at the drop of a hat. The only reason I ever wish I had more essence is that I want to make a new high-tier creation, and to do that I have to upgrade anyway.

Where I've always thought that the creation-keeping strategy would work best is in playing a Guardian, where you could use a few dudes to back you up, but don't have a Shaper's hoard of essence. In practice, though, I've never been able to get my Fyoras to keep up with me enough to be worth the hassle. Maybe this is partly because I play on Torment.

So, suit yourself.

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Creations are useless for a guardian. The only one needed is a Thahd. Cannon fodder iz us. By end game my guardian has around 200 essence but only the ability to shape a Fyora, and Thahd. Who needs them? A sword works better.

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I did a bit of experimenting on this.

If you sink all your skill points into shaping skills (as a shaper) then it's better to absorb your creations and replace them from time to time. However if your shaping skills aren't going up more than half as fast as your creations' level, then you should keep the same creations - because they do get very strong by levelling up - until you learn to make a substantially better type of creation.

For example for a while I had a well trained stinging clawbug which could kill ghosts etc quite easily. If I absorbed it and tried to recreate the new version always had a lower level! Nevertheless it was manifestly better to have a rothghroth once I learnt the ability.

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thanks a lot for your answers! I'm going to buy the full version. However I've got one final question: I've read on a website that if you're playing a shaper and if you spent too much points on missle weapons instead on melee weapons, you won't be able to beat the game without using cheats because it's geeting too hard and missle weapons are in the middle of the game worthless. I'm level 13 right now and I've spent almost all of my points on intelligence, endurance, magic and especially shaping skills. I spent two points on missle weapons because I'm using a venomous baton as weapon. I've got a zero on melee weapon. Is this a problem? Will I be able to beat the game?
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Not a problem at all. Many people play a "deadweight Shaper" throughout the whole game -- he keeps out of the way while his creations do all the fighting. As long as you keep your shaping skills high, you'll do fine.

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