Is it posible?

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AuthorTopic: Is it posible?
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Hi, just recently got Geneforge 2. Is it posible to complete the game without fighting monsters? I'm hoping to create a character designed to do this, but want to know if it is posible before going out and doing it. Anyone have any idea?
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The problem is to find everything you need to go everywhere, and there are monster everywhere. The only way I would guess to do this is to be a Shaper with many creations and let them fight for you.

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I don't know if you can really finish the game without fighting at all, but you can definitely do an awful lot, if you're prepared to run away a lot. Much easier if you don't count Dazing as fighting. Most of the major objectives can be accomplished indirectly by stealth. I'd say it's well worth a try, and I would be very happy to hear of your progress.

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It's very possible if you don't count the dbugkill cheat as a combative mode. :D
Otherwise, i don't think its so possible, because if you don't want to be very heavily attacked at the end,




you need to join the Takers, but in order to join them, you need to kill a sect leader, and after the village of this sect will go mad at you.
At the end, you will need to kill:
TAKERS: Akkat (he was in the first game)
ALL OTHERS: Easss and the Geneforge

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Machinery Complex
Machinery Complex2
Machinery Complex3
Machinery Complex4
Munchkin City
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