Puresteel Rings... Heavy!

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AuthorTopic: Puresteel Rings... Heavy!
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Well, I was out questing away and then realized that suddenly I was encumbered. I couldn't figure out what in the world I could have suddenly picked up. So, I went clicking through my inventory to see what the problem was. Well... I click on the puresteel ring I'd just looted not long ago and bot was I shocked. That sucker weighs 20.0 lbs. I thought maybe at first it was just a typo on the description, but.. sure enough.. That bad boy weighs 20 lbs. Apparently is wasn't made for wearing.. haha!
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The only use for them it one of the ingredients in the “Make Canisters” quest. You can't wear them or sell them, so leave them somewhere until you can use them. I found it easier to just loot the canisters.

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Yeah, I found no use for those rings. Ditch 'em.

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Yeah, I just thought it was humorous. :P They must have been made for Hill Giants.. lol
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?ü®éß?éé¬ ®îñ©ß?

Ó Ìîåñ? ®îñ©ß µø®é ¬î?é! :D

P.S.Its in my secret code.You will have to work out what I mean! :D :D

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