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AuthorTopic: research notes
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Is there a merchant who collects research notes?
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no there is not, but they're worth a considerable amount anyway

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I think in most of the laboratories around the valley there are people who will buy these research notes from you for a tidy sum. I can't remember any specifics, so if you see a room with gadgetry about talk to the people there and see if they're interested.

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Gareth, in Gheth, will buy your research notes if you're a Barzite. He's in the Barzite only area of the city.

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OK. Too bad I won't be a Barzite. thanks anyway.
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If you search you may find an ancient thread in this forum explaining how to sell the notes to Gareth even if you're not a Barzite; but I could never get the method to work. It involves some extreme fussiness over exactly where your character stands when you see Gareth, and if you don't get it exactly right you just make the whole town go hostile.

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Those stupid notes. I collected them all the whole game thinking somebody would want them. I had like 100 by the end. My whole house was covered in bookz ahh!

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