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AuthorTopic: mutated dryke
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for those of you who play as a taker, where the hell is that mutated dryke that the takers need for the geneforge?

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Kss-Urg's Valley, if I recall correctly. Having never actually played as a taker, I don't know. You should also check the walkthrough at the top of the board and attempt to capitalise and spell words properly. How hard can it be to spell Drayk?

EDIT: Oh yes, my mistake.

Clawbug canyon.

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Clawbug Canyon on the E wall, south of both entries to the clawbug nest. Follow the E wall and you'll find the door. bring your shining shield.
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I find the mutated Drayk to be the only worthy creation that will join you in the game, the rest are all too weak to be of much use. Poor drayk just wanted to escape being chopped up. With him by my side I finished every area before turning him over.

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I felt kind of bad giving him over. I liked him. I tried getting to the point ware I was given the key than killing all the Takers, so that way I could take all the Taker’s loot and keep him as a pet. Didn’t work that way, when I got to his lair he was gone. It said he wasn’t home and the moment.

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