Where are all the shards?

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AuthorTopic: Where are all the shards?
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I can't find the third shard of crystal to get into Gazak-Uss! Please help me! Also, if anyone knows where the deep focus orb is, I need to find that, too.

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Check the FAQ linked to at the top of this forum.

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The deep focus orb is in the Warren of the Three (go to the Bandit Marsh, and into the building to the south, and through it is the entrance); I don't know which specific shard of crystal you're looking for so here's the location of all three: Benerii-Uss Holding (NW), Benerii-Uss Shaping (SW) and the Geneforge (E).
You can find answers to this question and more in Schrodinger's FAQ/Walkthrough, which you can find the link to above the list of Topics in this Game Board.

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