Thorn baton and wand glitch

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AuthorTopic: Thorn baton and wand glitch
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Ok now, I'm not entirely sure if this is a glitch or if this is supposed to happen. I just recently noticed after starting a new game that using a thorn baton costs essence :confused:
As well, sometimes when I equip a wand it looks like I'm holding nothing on the character's pic. As well, using the wand costs spell energy and essence. However, if my spell energy or essence is depleted to the point that there is not enough essence or spell energy to take, I still cast the spell. I think once in the case of the thorn baton I got a negative essence count(my stats said I had zero, but apparently I didn't have enough essence to cast firebolt, which only takes spell energy :confused: ) So is there anything I can do about this? Has anyone else had this problem. I apologize if this is something that should be in the Tech Support boards. I put it here cause it doesn't seem like something that can be fixed, just a bug in the game.

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