Where the $%#! is "Twini"? And a question re the advanced game...

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AuthorTopic: Where the $%#! is "Twini"? And a question re the advanced game...
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I'm looking for a pass west. I need to find (and kill) Twini, an "awakened guarding the crossroads west of" where I met a spy. he'll give me a pass if I kill Twini. Now, I've cleared the whole darn area and I can't find that gal anywhere. Can someone help me?

To tell the truth, I'm wondering if I need to restart. I'm heavily aligned with the Shapers and it seems everyone else hates me. Of course, I haven't managed to get through the pass yet.

I'm a Shaper, in high combat mode (carrying my first original cryora, who's now about level 26 or so, and three battle alphas in the level 24-26 range. Oh yeah, and this random 'huge roamer' I picked up somewhere.) I kill stuff reasonably easily but it seems that the muscle tactics are getting old. Can my game be saved? Or have I accidentally turned it into a slow version of Diablo?
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Are you in the patrolled path region? Twini is somewhere there.

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lol... as I realized, it was a sleep deprivation issue. I thought it was west, and it was actually southwest... found (and killed) her today.
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The reason "everyone" hates you is because the awakened are opposed to the servants or anyone with anti-servile opinions. Not "everyone" hates you, just those with pro-servile opinions. If you haven't joined the servants, the barzites have similar views regarding serviles. They just want to unstoppable super beings. and, after all, who DOESN'T want world domination? Huh? Guys?

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