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Question 1) In Geneforge 2 the documentation says that I will regain essence by either returning to a friendly town (Drypeak) or standing next to an essence pool. I created a Fyora and later brought him up a level, then discovering that my essence was 4/22. I returned to Drypeak and nothing happened. I went to an essence pool in the Drypeak Warrens and while standing next to it, heard the sound effect play and watched at the bottom of the screen as it told me that I was regaining essence at about a rate of 25 per second. Yet my character's blue essence bar remains the same and when I went to his ability screen it still shows my essence at 4/22. What am I missing here? How do I get the '4' back up to 22?

Question 2) If I buy the entire game after I finish the demo, will I be able to pick up where I ended or do I have to start all over again? Thanks again.
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1) As long as that Fyora is alive, you have to keep that essence invested in him. You could think of it this way: that Fyora consists of a certain amount of essence, and you won't get that essence back until the Fyora dies or you reabsorb him.

2) You can continue from where you are.

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Also another unhelpful trait is the "creation evolving". When it gains a level, you have to spend essence to use up it's skill points, which I don't like.

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You don't HAVE to spend the skill points. The creation's stats will increase by themselves every other level I think. The essence id only if you want even higher stats.

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