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AuthorTopic: Trouble with text displaying properly
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Started to play the demo, and I've noticed that sometimes the text seems to be too long and starts to display outside of the borders it is intended to stay within. This can make it jumbled up sometimes with other text or unable to read as it prints itself over the border and if the border is dark blue for instance, it becomes unreadable. I like what I see so far of this type of 'old school' game and would like to continue, but this text problem is a real irritation. Any ideas? Thanks.
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A: This post should be in the technical support forum.
B: This is obviously a bug, therefore, no one without having ran into that bug will be unable to help you, and even if they had it is unlikely that they would have figured out a solution. I would suggest making sure that you are using the most recent version of GeneForge. There is not much more that I can offer then asking the technical support forum, or upgrading.

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The usual Tech Support questions: what is your operating system? Are you using the most recent version of the game? Have you tried re-downloading?

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Maybe your monitor is too small.

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My monitor is 22", so I doubt it's too small. I just d/l'd the demo, so I assume I'm using the most recent version. Using Windows XP on a 1 year old 'loaded' system. I've had this problem before on Spiderweb software (other games), so I don't know what gives. I'll try leaving a msg in the tech section. Thanks.
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What screen resolution were you using to play the game? (ie When the game prompted you to reset the screen resolution, which option did you select?)

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Found the problem. Evidently, I can't use the 'large' font option in Windows and still have the game display text correctly. When I changed to 'normal' (in 'advanced display settings'), it fixed the problem. Thanks.
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