Another bug with the kill Mcnulty quest?

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AuthorTopic: Another bug with the kill Mcnulty quest?
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:confused: Ok, you talk to Barzhal, and then you ask for assistance. Well barzhal tells you that there is a shaping station and you gain 20 exp. You can keep on repeating it to Barzhal and gain 20 exp each time you say it. You can gain 20 exp. as much as like, as long as the quest is not completed and you keep on mentioning it to Barzhal. Even as you gain levels, you still get 20 exp. every time... :confused: So I gained 3 whole levels off that bug before I completed the quest...

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you can also join the wakened (not sure if this is the right group) and then clearallsects then join again and so on each time you gain 300 exp. its the group with leared pinner. i used this when iwanttobestronger stoped working.

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Also, if you dont tell Zaph(spy in drypeak) to leave, you can talk to him and tell shanti over and over again for experience. I never really took advantage of it I found it by accident.

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