Whats the problem with the bound one?

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AuthorTopic: Whats the problem with the bound one?
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Ok, he was hard, but his guards are just.... fools. Nobody cares if you pick the guards off one by one. So I got my lv. 30 guardian and my drakon and killed those battle betas and killing the bound one was a piece of cake, I didn't cast any spells, my drakon didn't attack anything and the bound one died. So whats wrong with that fool, the bound one?

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That's intentional, I think, not a glitch. Cause if you put the trapped shades out of their misery then they give you advice and one said that the bound ones guards were dumb and did not work together so I think it suggests that they only attack en masse if you harm the bound one. They don't help each other out.

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