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AuthorTopic: cryoa?
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i started a new game and i forget where i get the cryoa and i need help killing the 3rd beast behind sharons house (clawbug). and if you could, give me some tips to beating the beasts behind her house. thank you

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You get the Cryoa by getting your create Fyora ability to 3. Then you can shape Cryoas. IIRC, you start out knowing how to make Fyoras(Ability lvl 1), and I think Tyella(something like that) teaches you two levels of Create Fyora.

Have a lot or very strong creations to fight Sharon's creations. I found that Cryoas are good for the first two, but beating the Clawbug needs more accurate creations(Drayks/Cryodrayks or Eyebeasts would be great. I know that they're VERY accurate.) or augmented blessed(Using the spell) Cryoas. And, of course, a very good Shaper/Agent/Guardian.

I seriously prefer using Shapers so I can make several Cryoas. Unfortunantly, My current shaper is at the shareware limits.

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You should have gotten the Vlish, use them to slow. Haste and bless your Shaper.

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You can also lure Sharon's garden creatures into her house, where she and her Stinging Clawbug will help you out. Sharon herself casts a mean blue spell, and is astonishingly tough. Her firepower is effective on everything up to the Experimental Gamma, which it barely tickles; but even the Gamma needs two hits to kill her, so at least she helps distract it.

If you try this with the Gamma, try not to let the Vlish outside Sharon's front door get involved! They are utterly useless against it, but I succeeded in slaying the Gamma with Sharon's help once, only to find her two Vlish blocking the doorway afterwards. They would not budge, and attacking them made Sharon hostile, so I had to restore and do the tricky Gamma battle over again.

You can also lure them into her storeroom and then run out and shut the door on them. If you then exit the map and come back they will be forever gone. That's fine if you're just trying to get to the Purified Essence, but you won't get experience and your Fanged Bracelet will never improve.

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It is not a good idea to let the Gamma kill Sharon as after you finish her first quest she will make an awesome ring for you. And the fanged bracelet is one of the best do-dads in the game.
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You CHEATERS! I killed experimental clawbug with a lv.25 or so guardian. Then I killed the ghaak with my lv. 29 guardian and a drakon with no extra intelligence. Then I went on to kill the gamma (it took me a few tries) without Sharon and her creations help! YOU CHEATERS! Shapers aren't weaklings. SO go back and kill them all!

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