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#1 i got that beautiful shard from wyx but what do i do with it

#2 how do i get through the crystal mine without getting hurt?(if possible)

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The beautiful shard is used by Sharon to make you a ring. You can't complete it in the demo. You can't make it through the crystal cave without the constant damage, although if you enter combat mode it becomes much easier.

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I thought it was a Perfect Crystal Shard...

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If you're an Agent or a solo Guardian, you can collect enough energy and hostile effect resistance boosters to keep the Crystal Mine damage down to just a few points every now and then. Grounded items, spectral items, the Static Band, and the Draykskin Tunic that Wyx bequeathes are all good.

This is an obvious point, really, but I mention it because it took me a while to realize that even though any one protective item has little effect, enough of them together do make a dramatic difference.

You'll still probably want to be in combat mode most of the time, though, to get the drop on the shades.

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