Small rebellion - A few questions

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AuthorTopic: Small rebellion - A few questions
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I just started a the "A small rebellion" scenario and I was wondering about a few things:

1. I hate to find out later that I made the wrong decision... the hero in me tells me to join the rebels, but will i then miss out on a lot of stuff?

2. I just met the ice dragon in the tunnels north of the starting village... now.. to kill or not to kill ... that is the question.. :)

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Of course you will, which is why you will need to play this scenario at least twice- perhaps more. You will also miss out on stuff if you only play the Empire side- either way you really should play it multiple times to get the most out of it.

Ice dragon-
I don't know which way gets more experience- but if you kill it you can loot its small trove.

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There actually isn't all that much stuff you can do outside of the two main quests. There is an Ogre/Slit/Demon dungeon/town southwest of the ruined fort you need to enter for the first mission, and a Swampman dungeon in the sqamps. There is one witch fight in the northern swamps, and two hydra fights in the south-eastern swamp. There are tons of alchemical ingredients. Beyond that, as far as I know, there is nothin' else.
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I guess I'll just have to play it twice... :D
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Just to say, I prefer to fight for the empire.... you get more.

Reward: 500 gold
He hates you

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You see, the Empire gives you more...... ;)

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