Morog's Scepter in Za-Khazi Run

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AuthorTopic: Morog's Scepter in Za-Khazi Run
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In which way is Morog's Scepter cursed?
I know that I can't unequip or sell it,
but I hardly see what kind of penalty or difficulty
the thing presents.
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I think the only disadvantage it has is that you can't unequip it. Unless you make the mistake of equipping it on a fighter, that's not really a problem.

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Quite true... but it works perfectly for my mage. Really, it offers little to no disadvantages. And you can always just uncurse it with the editor.

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i love morog's sceptor. good weapon, especially for magic users. and it never runs out of ammo:)

if your concerned about the curse, just equip it and then go and get healed by a priest, i can unequip and sell mine(though, to be honest, im not real sure where i got it uncursed...)
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