How to use a found scroll ?

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AuthorTopic: How to use a found scroll ?
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Hello all.

I just started this great adventure, and there is one thing I don't really understand. To learn a spell, or increase skill for it you need to pay a teacher and he'll make you learn it. But when you find scrolls or you buy them to a merchant which is not a magic teacher, how the hell you use it ?
Is it some kind of one-use spell (but then, why isn't there a lightning button in its inventory cell ?), or is it to teach you a skill level, and how ?

Plus, there are some objects whose description says that they do something, and they don't, since there is no lightning button, and you can't wear them...

Thanks in advance for any piece if appreciated help !

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A scroll is a one-time use of a spell - it does not make you learn the spell itself, you simply get the benefits of it for one time only.

To use it, go to the inventory window (where the picture of your character is) and find the scroll in your inventory. Then click the sun like button on the bottom right-hand side of the item.
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This sounds strange to me...
Do a character need a particular skill to be able to use the scroll ? All my scrolls are unusable. And (I don't know if it's important) I have no sun like buttons, but lightning like buttons, on the usable items.

Did I miss something ?

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Lightning is normal. I think the lightning/sun difference may be a Mac/PC difference, although I can't imagine why. I always have lightning.

You do not need any level of any skill to use a scroll. You do, however, need to be in combat mode to use most of them. That's my first guess as to what's wrong.

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they might be unidentified :P
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You can use them anyway even if they aren't identified. It's not a good idea, though, cause then you might fry yourself with some of those annoying "Bitter Loss" scrolls.

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Hey right, that was just a problem of game mode ! Exactly like the spells directly casted by characters, the scrolls can be used only at certain moments.

Thanks a lot for this !

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