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AuthorTopic: Silk-woven robe
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I've just got to the point in valley of the dying things where i've found the mages bodies and got the silk-woven robe. Unlike other forms of armour that are described as preventing 1-5 + 2 points of damage, the silk-woven robe is described as preventing 1-3 points of damage and then, under "abilities", it says "+3 less damage from attacks". Is this the same as 1-3 + 3 or something different? Should my character wear this or poor chain mail (prevents 1-20)?
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The difference is that it's an item ability, rather than a protection bonus — a subtlety that most people probably wouldn't care about. Specifically, the item ability does this:

"Extra armor. Reduces damage from melee attacks by a dice of size equal to strength."

The strength in this case is 3. So the silk-woven robe protects 1-3+1-3, whereas the other example would protect 1-5+2.

Bottom line: poor chain mail is much, much better (although it encumbers — might want to save the silk-woven robe for your magic-users or something).

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Thanks! i'm glad someone else cares about these subtleties.
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Seems it would be much easier for the item to just be set to 1 - 5 + 1, but oh well. I'm assuming that item ability is intended for use with non-armor things. Strange that it should be used on a robe.

Anywho, where'd you find that? I never saw any of 'em in VoDT.

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It's probably one of Jeff's malicious jokes - like the level 25-locked door where's nothing behind ^_^

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You can find it on the visitor's quarters level of the school of magery. In the bottom right (I guess that means south east) corner there is a secret passage that goes north. At the top is where palhaltis and another mage were murdered and the silk-woven robe was left behind. I didn't find it as such, but remembered it from playing the BoE version, in which, i would point out, the robe was magic and more powerful.
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While the 1-5+1 *is* slightly easier to compute (one less random number to generate), it will generate statistically different results.

1-5+1 will give an even distribution: 2 (20%), 3 (%20), 4 (%20), 5 (%20), 6 (%20)

1-3+1-3 will give more of a bell curve: 2 (11%), 3 (22%),4 (33%), 5 (22%), and 6 (11%)

If the "luck" statistic figures into these sorts of calculations, a lucky person would fare better with the 1-5+1 armor.

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