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AuthorTopic: Nature Lore
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Does the overall level of Nature Lore in your party matter, or should it be concentrated on 1 person?


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The overall level is most important. Scenarios can check the amount on a single party member, but it's unlikely that many will.

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personally i like to have an overall level of 15, that way you can find herbs & other paths that you would not have normally seen. But then again i give all of the levels to just one person.

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If only the overall level matters and a skill's skill point requirements increase as it grows, it's much more efficient to split it evenly with the party.

In BoE, health, spell points, thrown missiles, mage lore, and lockpicking took only one skill point per skill level. In BoA every skill's requirements increase as it grows. So in BoA it's more important to split the non-personal skills evenly.
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