SKINS for Avernum?

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AuthorTopic: SKINS for Avernum?
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Are there any skins for ingame tables to BoA?
if yes where?

or any way to create one... ??
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In case you, by skinning, mean the changing of the UI, no, there is no in-game feature for that. You CAN edit the graphic files yourself, though, just make sure the names stay the same.

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Or in the case that you thought that Blades uses 3D, polygonal models, utilizing 2D texture art (slanged to: skins), I suggest not thinking that.

Want to replace art, or use it in creating a scenario, go to the Louvre. Isn't there a link somewhere around here?

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Yeah, it's under the BOA section on Neat Stuff.

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ou sorry i just find what i look for when i better search the directories.. anyway thx

now i have new textured borders etc. .o)

but i still dont find where to change font for game text

ok i think this topic is now needless..
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