New Scenario: Death at Chapman's

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AuthorTopic: New Scenario: Death at Chapman's
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This was a very nice little scenario. I signed up to this board just to tell you...

Some sort of subtle clue about the usage of the Death Charm wouldn't hurt, imho...
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the trick for me to get the game to work propely was to enter and exit the area a couple of times. I had trouble with the death charm being used. Also the slow down could be reducded if melvan didnt summon his creatures.

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You're all going to laugh at me, but how do I get into the school? I got Malone's letter, talked to him and everybody else, and I feel really quite stupid because I still don't know what I'm supposed to do, since I don't discover anything new at the gatehouse :/
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Leon: You have to go there at night. Also, be sure to read the "hints.html" file included in the scenario folder.

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I'm running windows, I'm in the school at night. I'm using the charm while standing next to Melville, and it's doing NOTHING.
Edit: Oh, I see. You have to use it near OTHER undead creatures first, and THEN go back and use it near Melville. Perhaps there should be more hints in dialogue or writings in case one doesn't want to cheat and check the hints file.

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