Suggestion for a stealth mission

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AuthorTopic: Suggestion for a stealth mission
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I was thinking of putting a stealth mission on my scenario because it seems to fit the plot. However, I have not made any before.

I would like to know if someone can suggest me something like what kind of problems may the party encounter or what kind of puzzles can be added to this missions.

I have already some ideas, but I would like to hear more.


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Well, there are the obvious issues about trying to sneak in somewhere and trying not to be seen. Back entrances are hard to find, usually have strange locks or require keys, may lead to wrong places, and have all sorts of other problems. The whole prospect of getting caught is a big deal, too: a small number of people infiltrating one area have to avoid detection, and do they really know the routines of the guards that well?

Of course, it depends a lot on what sort of stealth you had in mind. Are they sneaking into a building or sneaking across an entire range of enemy territory?

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The standard way of doing sneaking-into-a-building in BoE was to make the town hostile and/or make a monster encounter show up when the party steps in a location where they can be spotted. This alone will give you the sneaking flavour well enough, although of course you can build on that basic formula in various ways with a little imagination -- requiring the party to time their movements to avoid patrols, forcing them to avoid/disarm traps and alarms, etc.

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There's an creature script in the editor folder that makes a creature move back and forth between two points which could simulate patroling guards. Its actually revaltivly simple to make a creature call a town state when it gets to close to the party and for that you can steal some code from the goblineater script in the valley of dying things, you would be looking for the part of the script that calls up two messages. If you need more help just ask.
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Make sure that being caught is a big deal for those who are playing with a party at the recommended levels. Don't make the consequences be fighting a bunch of goblins.

Gates and such should lock and unlock on a regular basis. Give the player a little leeway when they just enter the town, and less and less as they get closer to the objective. I would imagine more turns before they get seen, that kind of thing. Killing the guards before they can scream helps.

For a place like this, I suggest making the primary objective going through a secret passage to another area, and triggering an event. When you come back to the town, many of the more powerful guards are gone and you are free to annihilate. But put them on a timer after the event so they don't spend too much time in the town.

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Is there a way to make it that using such things as candles/torches/lamps or the light spell would attract attention? forcing your group to sneak around in the dark maybe?

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How about making all light-emitting objects run a script that changes an SDF, which in turn makes monsters within a set range seek the party? Of course there would have to be a timer which changes the SDF back when the light goes out.
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