The Za-Khazi Run help!!!

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AuthorTopic: The Za-Khazi Run help!!!
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Im stuck in the opal mines. iv found a room with a chest surrounded by pillers. I know i have to find several levers. Where are they and in what order should they be pulled

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I think there was one lever. It's in a secret room off that one. Use Far Sight(if you have it). The lever does get some monster or something(don't remember) when pulled, so save first.

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yea it makes quickfire appear! What do i do after it appears?
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Run away fast. As far as I know you can't stop quickfire (sometimes in some of the places where you can use is, you can get away through some secret door and thus escape it)
But, as long as there is a window, door, or any open space, it will continue to spread and spread. It's horrible!

If you're caught on it, how about doingf this:

Before you set it of, cast haste on your guys. Go into combat mode. And run. This allows you move much more spaces, so the quickfire doesn't bother you as much, if at all.

Have fun!


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i think there are two levers. one which releases quickfire, the other one lets one of the pillars disappear, so use the other one. (in the SE-corner, i think)

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The one in the SE corner open the cage, the one in the NE corner releases quickfire, its a huge secret door in the south side of the room, and it has a small drop down.

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