Morog's Treasures Room...Help!

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AuthorTopic: Morog's Treasures Room...Help!
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I went through the demon tunnels on the way to getting Morog's treasure, got to the portal, saved, then killed the Efreet. However, I can't step over the rune and apparently the gate that I came through shut behind me. How do I get out?
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It's been a while since I last went through this scenario, so I could be wrong... but, I think there is a secret passage in the small lava pool near the gate.
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Thanks, I figured it out shortly after I posted this...somehow I overlooked the lava pit. Anyway, there are still a few things I just can't figure where the dragon is, or how to get that opal out of the box when all of those posts are surrounding it. I made it to the vahnatai tower near the river, I haven't explored it yet, but if it doesn't lead to the end of the scenerio, I'm lost. Can anyone give me any hints!?!? Also, are the troops in the empire opal fort supposed to respawn at the current rate (almost everyone respawns) whenever you leave. That place is a living hell, and I'm using a four person party at the recommended levels with excellent equipment. Anyway, advane thanks to anyone who can answer these questions.
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There's a secret room in the room with the opal that has a lever in it. Save before you pull itthough. It has an 'anti-theif system'. The dragon is past the vahnatai tower.

EDIT: Sorry, didn't phrase that clearly enough. The dragon is after you explore the vahnatai tower and have been traveling for a bit.

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If it's no later than day 13, you still have a shot at winning the scenario from the Vahnatai tower. If it's day 12 or earlier, you should make it in time as long as you take the shortest route to the finish from where you are. Back up your save file.

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