VoDT Question (spoilers?)

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AuthorTopic: VoDT Question (spoilers?)
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Hmm... anyone tell me where I can find a Drake Fang in the Valley of Dying Things? I've looked at damn near everything in the module as far as I know, and have found nothing as of yet. I've actually finished the scenario already, but my pedantic desire for 100% completion is keeping me from moving on to another with a clear conscience. ;)

Edit: Ahem, it appears I should have searched before posting a pointless query. Question answered, you may ignore this topic at your leisure. :P

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Stuff? Don't mind if I do, thanks.
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Search the fabulous forum.

Or ...
There is a small-ish tunnel in the north 'wall' (outdoors), with lava and some fire lizards.
It turns into a 'cave' that has a drake skeleton (dead) in a corner, you have to approach it.

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