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AuthorTopic: Is there?
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A way to edit the game so that some creature abilities are usable by PCs.

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You mean your charecters stoning guards, and breathing fire? No. You cant change it unless you hack into..
..on second thought I dont know much about making special abilites, but you could use a code to send a beam and a boom on the target charecter (like a dumbfounding ray) and affect the status of the creature. There are no projectile effects though, so fire blasts, like that of lava bats, and blue diamonds, like that of ice drakes, will not be possible.
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A way to edit the game so that some creature abilities are usable by PCs.

Do you mean like rays that some creatures are given, like ghosts or vapor rats? They use dark ray and curse ray, as I recall.

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You could make an item to imitate the ability, but other than that, I don't remember any way. You couldn't even use special items like in BOE.
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Special abilities. Yes. You can fake any creature ability you can name (except that it won't actually do the missile animations for fireballs etc, grrr). It will only work with the one scenario in which the ability was defined, though.

EDIT: This post may appear redundant, but I can affirm these statements pretty much for certain, which it didn't appear that anyone previous did.

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