Evil mines

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AuthorTopic: Evil mines
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How does one gets rid of these evil mines in this room? I thought of summoning beasts to trigger them from a distance, but it seems when they explode my party gets hurt, even if far outside the room!

I don't know if that box is that important but it makes me curious.

I'm also a bit lost, I have the opening stone and don't know where to go now?
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You can't disarm these mines.You have to trigger them.A good way to do what, is to have your warrior (or the PC who have the most HP pts) in combat mode, so he's the only one to suffer from the explosion (if the other PC are far enough from the mines).

If you don't know what to do, check the Blades of Avernum manual, in your Blades of Avernum folder:where is a walkthrough for the first scenario, or use the "search" button on the forum, and use a key word, about the puzzle where you're stuck.

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Ok, I searched and I think there is a bug now. Because the opening stone is not listed on my special and I've found it?
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Oh, I see now, it's not a special item... It's on the inventory. All is well now. *wanders off*
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