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AuthorTopic: Misc. Scenario ideas/wishlist
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That's a good book.

Stories from books and movies can make good things to work off. For example, Johnny Favourite and Nightfall (both BoE scenarios). The former ripped off a movie, and the latter ripped off a book, and they're both good scenarios. :) (Although some wouldn't call Johnny Favourite a real scenario, but that's a matter of opinion...)

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Originally written by FZ:

Originally written by Dr. Doodoom:

...a peaceful society of intelligent golems...



Hmm... Asimov, in BoA. Nice, pacifist, helpful golems, surrounded by bigoted traditionalist humans. You get sent in to investigate a murder.

They probably won't be so 'pacifist' if you steal from them. >_>

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I have almost done and finished the first Universe the party travels to, and included a quest for lost artifacts that were scattered among the worlds by the ancients. So far, I have ben working on just one world for 2 weeks, and it's 1x1 outdoors, and it is STILL not done :(
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oohhh, and then you lose an arm in a boat wreck or something and get a special item golem arm that lets you "cast" level 10 move mountain whenever you damn well please, because you just smash things.

Or something.

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