missed stuff in ASR?

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AuthorTopic: missed stuff in ASR?
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I've been playing through ASR and realised that there's a bunch of stuff that either I missed or you can't actually get to. Examples I can think of off the top of my head include:

1. I can see a bit of shoreline on the north bank of the landmass to the west while standing on the other side (after going through the abandoned fort), but can't find a way to it on the other side anywhere. (it's in the middle of the mountains).

2. At the far east of the main island, where the mountains start adjoining the ocean, there is a passageway that ends with a step up, so you would think there would be a way to get to the other side of it from inside the rebel area - but I can't find any way there.

3. Within the rebel citadel (not the rebel town) there is at least one passages I've found through 'far sight' but haven't been able to get into. There's one on the far right of the automap which clearly starts in one of the rooms, but no secret passage could I find and 'move mountains' didn't do anything.

4. Similarly there is a chamber revealed by 'far sight' in the secret empire fort which I can't access, and which 'move mountains' doesn't seem to help with. (it's between four rooms in the upper left-hand side).

5. Back to the rebel citadel - there's a lab which the guards won't let me enter - is there any way in?

6. Also in the rebel citadel, there's a secret passageway at the very bottom, to the left of the supply area, which seems to be a deathtrap: you can get in, but then that crazyfire stuff is unleashed. You can escape into the back chamber, guarded by a dog, where there are two seperate rows of magical barriers. The only ways out are a. through the crazyfire and b. through a passageway with a portcullis, which you trip as soon as you get close to it. In other words, no way out. Is this the way it's meant to be, or is there something I'm missing?

7. Finally, looking at the guide someone else posted to special items found in scenarios, I didn't find all of them. I don't know if that's because by choosing one side or the other (rebels or empire) you miss opportunities to get stuff only available in the other thread.

Does anyone have any insight about any of these questions? Any hints or suggestions would be appreciated, because although I really liked the scenario, I hate the feeling that I missed something. Thanks :)

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5. This can be entered into when following the EMPIRE Path of this scenario.

6. I entered this on the EMPIRE Path without the Quickfire even being there, There's a door that hard to get through but there should be a secret path you can go through to the north of the door. Through all this is a treasure stash that you need to kill a ballisk to get to.

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Thanks for the reply - any ideas on Qs. 1-4? Anyone?

Or even has anyone experienced the same questions/frustrations?
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2-I think it's the passage you use when you play the Empire's storyline, neh?

But, you know, there is in all scenarios some unreachable place...
Perhaps it's Jeff's humour, perhaps it's just to show you what the level of your party isn't so important:there always gonna be stuff you don't know about!...Perhaps it's something else...

In fact, you can just use the editor to check...

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