Any Blades of Avernum guides?

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AuthorTopic: Any Blades of Avernum guides?
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Are there any Blades of Avernum guides for the scenario with the magic school? I think its called VODT or can someone helpp me now? I've released the dragon and got no reward what do I do from there to finish it?
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Check the "Blades of Avernum manual" in the blades of Avernum folder:there is a walkthrough for the first scenario, Valley of dying Things...
If you get stuck, use the "search" button on the forum, there is plenty of tips about the first (and the others) scenario!

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Thanks I found it! I got up to the bit where you have to go to a guy named pangle's hut. Where is he? It doesn't say.
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Southwest of the outdoors. I don't remember precisely, but head west from Sweetgrove for a screen or two and then southwest and you should find him eventually. Or someone with a more specific memory can post real directions.

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Pangle is in the west corner-screen of the valley, there are two paths up to his farm, if you have been to him before, but was not able to speak to him, it should be possible now.
And remember to talk to the dog and the sheep. ;)

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